About Us

Who we are

We Are the Developed Breakthrough Technology of Lubricants and Research Life Science Products.

Unicus (lubricant additive) works on a proprietary technology by reducing friction in metal parts. Engineered for all friction surfaces in all types of engines, hydraulics, transmission, differential, gears & all other industrial application. Compatible with all types of oil.

We established commercially in 2019.


Unicus has indigenously developed few Natural, Unique & Innovative Products which are one of its kinds & doesn’t have a direct competitor.


Unicus is committed to Holistic Healing through its Natural Products in life science departments.  Therefore ensures treatment of various Lifestyle Conditions & side-effects of conventional Treatment therapy.  There by improving Quality of Life.


Unicus’s all product are result oriented so there are maximum number of repeat order and more fast market penetration from word of mouth so if you have goal than you will get big brand amount from its.