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Unicus FRT (400 ml And 5 litre)

UNICUS FRT is unique formulation of petrochemical base & high quality Nano-Particle to get ultimate Performance of Lubricants.UNICUS FRT is specially modified polymer oil resin blended with high quality Nano-Particle to give additional friction resistance at even high pressure and load. Specially designed UNICUS FRT creates ultra-thin film with structurally organized Nano particles between two metal surfaces to provide extreme low pressure erection wear & tear of two metal surfaces that drastically resists wear up to 95%, extreme pressure, and excessive temperature. With ultra-protective layer surface is 100 times more stronger and smoother compare to original equipment surface. Unicus FRT will increase the reliability, longevity, efficiency, power, and eliminate wear on your equipment. Even in an event of sudden oil/coolant loss, Unicus FRT can temporarily protect the engine from catastrophic damages.UNICUS FRT is compatible with all type of engine oil, gear oil and other industrial Lubricant.


Unicus FRT Key Benefits

  • They eliminate friction/wear up to 90% and increase life of engines/equipment parts up to 200%-300%.
  • They keep engine/equipment completely clean from any deposits.
  • They make engines and other equipment run cooler and smoother.
  • They contribute to considerable reduction in vibrations.
  • They extend oil change intervals up to 200%.
  • They make oil filter 100% longer.
  • Fuel savings up to 20%.
  • They contribute to considerable savings in fuel and oil.
  • Engines and equipment are protected for some time in the event of loss of lubricant.
  • Their use results in savings in maintenance costs by up to 60% and down time by up to 90%.
  • Maintain Ideal engine/equipment temperature and noise level
  • Restore power, torque, and fuel economy.
  • Contribute to considerable fuel and oil economy


And much, much more!

***Results may vary. We strongly suggest performing oil change and maintenance per manufacturer’s recommendation.


UnicusFRT Applications:

  • All type of Petrol and Diesel engines (10% by volume)
  • Transmission and Differential Oils (5% to 10% by volume)
  • Mining, Construction, Farm, Heavy duty engines and Equipments (10% by volume)
  • Marine Engines, Generators (10% by volume)
  • Hydraulics (5% to 10% added to a lubricant by volume)
  • Compressors (5% by volume added to compressor)
  • Open Gear Oils (10% by volume added to gear oil)
  • Transformer oils (5% to 10% by volume)

And much, much more!


The use of these additives in fuel not only enhances fuel combustion but also cleans entire fuel system & eliminate micro particle so help extend the life of engine oil. Improve properties of the fuel & cleaning dirt in the fuel-injection system with provides lubrication & help low friction value.


QUFXT Key Benefits

  • Fuel Saving up to 30 %.
  • Regular Saving of costs
  • Enjoy the real power of your engine
  • Reduced carbon Footprint / Pollution Reducer,
  • Helps contribution towards Carbon Credit (For Industries)
  • More Mileage & Fuel Economy
  • Better Engine Performance
  • Reduces Engine Noise
  • Reduces Pollution and Smoke
  • Smoother Travel / Reliable performance
  • You Are Contribution for Better & Greener Environment
  • Keeps clean & lubricates the entire fuel system and upper engine from carbon deposits (injectors, valves, valve seats, upper piston rings, fuel pumps and injector pumps).


QUFXT Applications

  • Can be added to only diesel.
  • Used all over the world in all type of vehicles (LMV & HMV’s) & industries with very high degree of performance.
  • Fuel Enhancer is compatible with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) etc.
  • All Diesel Motor Vehicles
  • Automobile
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Rail Locomotives
  • Marine Engines
  • Oil- Filled Equipments



QUFXT added 1% per Litre only in Diesel.