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Minerjal 30 ml/Minerjal 60 ml

An all-Natural Liquid Minerals Supplement with a balanced concentration of around 70 Minerals for Refreshing Energy.

A soluble Ionic Liquid

Minerjal is formulated from Natural Source, so it ensures greater bio-electric health and balances body Minerals. Because of high concentration of Minerals, it is naturally preserved. Thus, Minerals do not lose potency over time.


 What is Minerjal Mineral drops?

 Minerjal Mineral Drops (MMD) is the most powerful health-giving Mineral Supplement formulated by nature for greater bio-electric health and body-mineral balancing. It contains around 72 minerals and trace minerals in balanced form.

MMD is a liquid Mineral Supplement which is balanced and concentrated naturally for greater Energy, Vitality and Well-being.

MMD supports the general health as all minerals and trace minerals in it are in ionic form that can be absorbed and utilized by the body easily.

MMD supplements the body with essential nutrients and allows it to heal itself.


How does MMD work?

 Balance is important for all areas of Life and Nutrition, but more so in case of Minerals and Trace Minerals. It becomes increasingly important to keep the Minerals in sufficient quantities and that too in balance form in every fluid cell, tissue and organ in the human body.

MMD offers Minerals and Trace Minerals in adequate quantities and in proper balance thereby maintains the Body’s functions optimally.

MMD is made up of Naturally-Ionized Minerals which are important to our bodies in two ways.

  • Firstly, being in ionized form it will be readily absorbed as Minerals can be transferred in to the Blood Stream by the walls of Small Intestines if only they are ionically charged.


  • Secondly, ions take part in the Bio-chemical Processes throughout the Body and they help in transportation of the Minerals to the Cells that are in utmost need of it.

How is MMD manufactured?

MMD is procured from Natural Mineral resources found in Deep Sea. These liquid Minerals are the processed, concentrated and desalinized at our own R&D facility in 3-5 stages. SGS unique own process to remove the sodium content and create a low sodium Mineral supplement.

Thus, MMD is a Natural Mineral and Trace Mineral Supplement & rich in Boron, Calcium, Magnessium, Potassium as well as Trace Minerals like Selenium, Zinc and Lithium.

MMD is purely natural and does not contain any Artificial Colors, Preservatives or any Additives.


Benefits of MMD:

Minerals are utilized by every Living cells for its Growth and Development. Minerals are needed for the formation of Bones and Blood, the proper composition of Body Fluids, Healthy Nerve functions, proper functioning of Heart Muscles and many others. Like Vitamins, Minerals also function as Co-Enzymes enabling the Body’s functions such as Energy production, Growth and Healing.


MMD is mostly effective in:

  • Acidity
  • Constipation
  • General & Muscular Weakness
  • Thyroid Problems
  • More efficacy build up in Athletics
  • Regulate the Heart Function
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite modulator
  • Gas Trouble
  • Digestion Trouble
  • Mental Stress & Fatigue, Depression, Energy loss
  • Varicose Veins etc.


Direction for Use (MMD):

15-20 Drops daily for Adults and 5-10 Drops daily for Children. Or as directed by Health-care Professional Or Add 3-5 Drops in 200ml Water (2-3 times a day)

MMD can be mixed either in Hot or Cold Water or can be consumed with any Hot or Cold Beverages.


We briefly summarize Minerjal Mineral drops (MMD):


MMD: (Minerjal) concentrated mineral drop


MMD Drops is a unique formulation of Ionic Multi-Mineral Supplement indigenously developed by our R&D Team.

Trace Minerals are inorganic nutrients that are used for many biological functions such as digestion, growth & hormone regulation.

The Body must maintain an adequate mineral supply to maintain a balance between internal & external pressures of the body cells. This state must be maintained for normal cell function & youthful health.

“You can trace every Sickness, every Disease & every Ailment to a Mineral Deficiency”

Said by Dr. Linus Pauling, Two-Time Nobel Prize Winner.

MMD offers 70-75 Minerals including Major Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Barium, Manganese & Iron as well as Trace Minerals like Zinc, Boron, Selenium,Chromium& Gold.

MMD adds Life to your Water. It offers following Benefits:

  • Provide Energy
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Offers Daily Mineral Supplementation
  • Maintains a great Bio-Electric Health
  • Keeps you Fresh & Energetic for the whole day
  • Remove constipation & Acidity.
  • Get more than 30% muscular efficacy for whole people. More beneficial for who are athletics, sportsmen, etc.
  • Beneficial in motor neuron disease.
  • Regulate heart function.
  • Regulate all metabolisms.


Unique formulation of multi mineral supplement in Ionic form

Trace minerals are inorganic nutrients that are used for many biological functions, such as digestion, growth and hormone regulation.


The body must maintain an adequate mineral supply to maintain a balance between internal and external pressures of the body cells. This state must be maintained for normal cell function and continued youthful health.


MAGNESIUM: Importance

Known as the anti-stress material / Brings relief from indigestion / Promotes a healthier cardiovascular system / Helps prevent calcium deposits / Plays an important role in regulating the neuromuscular (nerve & muscle) activity of the heart / Maintains normal heart rhythm /Necessary for proper calcium and vitamin C metabolism / Converts blood sugar into energy / Aids in the formation and maintenance of strong bones and teeth


MAGNESIUM: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Anxiety / Asthma / Anorexia / Birth defects / Calcification of small arteries / Calcium depletion / Confusion / Depression / Growth failures / Insomnia / Irritability / Kidney stones / Malignant calcification of soft tissue / Menstrual migraines / Muscle pains / weakness / Nervousness / neuromuscular irritability / Neuromuscular problems / Restlessness / Vertigo


CALCIUM: Importance

Builds and maintains strong bones and teeth / Helps metabolize your body’s iron / Helps regulate heartbeat / Eases insomnia or sleeplessness / Helps regulate the passage of nutrients in & out of the cell walls / Assists in normal blood clotting / Helps maintain proper nerve and muscle function / Lowers blood pressure / Important to normal kidney function / Reduces the incidence of colon cancer / Reduces blood cholesterol levels


CALCIUM: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Arthritis / Back pains (sciatica, disc problems) / Bell’s Palsy / Bone spurs / Brittle fingernails /Calcium deposits / Panic attacks / Depression / Eczema / High blood pressure / Hyperactivity /Hypertension / Insomnia / Irritability / Kidney stones / Limb numbness / Muscle cramps /Nervousness / Osteoporosis / Receding gums / Rickets / Retarded growth / Softening of bones / Tooth decay


POTASSIUM: Importance

Works with sodium to regulate the body’s water balance and normalize heart rhythms / heart beat / Aids in clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain / Preserves proper alkalinity of body fluids / Stimulates the kidneys to eliminate poisonous body wastes / Assists in reducing high blood pressure and regulating blood pressure / Promotes healthy skin / Active in muscle contraction / Regulates the transfer of nutrients to cells / Controls water balance in body tissues and cells / Help in allergy treatment


POTASSIUM: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Acne / Cardiac arrest / Constipation / Depression / ECG changes / Fatigue / Glucose intolerance / Growth / retardation / Insomnia / Mental, physical stress / Muscular weakness / Nervous disorders / Palpitations, rapid heart rate / Poor reflexes / Respiratory failure / “Salt” retention


BORON: Importance

Essential for bone metabolism and calcification of bones / Necessary for cartilage formation and repair / For improved memory and brain function / Regulates hormones, especially estrogen / Improves libido / Aids efficient calcium and magnesium use


BORON: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Arthritis / Decreased calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels / Decreased estrogen and testosterone synthesis / Osteoporosis / Tooth decay


MANGANESE: Importance

An antioxidant nutrient / Important in the blood breakdown of amino acids and the production of energy / Necessary for the metabolism of Vit.B-1 Vit. E / Activates various enzymes which are important for proper digestion and utilization of foods / Acts as catalyst in the breakdown of fats & cholesterol / Helps nourish the nerves and brain / Necessary for normal bone growth & development, normal reproduction, cell function / Maintains sex hormone production


MANGANESE: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Asthma / Ataxia / Blindness / Digestive problem / Dizziness / Hearing loss / Hypoglycemia / Infertility (failure to ovulate or testicle atrophy) / Loss of sex drive / Pancreatic atrophy / Paralysis / Poor cartilage formation problems / Repetitive Motion syndromes / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Retarded growth rates / Shortened long bones / Still births or spontaneous miscarriages


ZINC: Importance

It is an antioxidant nutrient / Necessary for protein synthesis / Wound healing / Maintains taste and smell acuity / Important for fetal growth / Vital for the development of the reproductive organs, prostate functions and male hormone activity / It governs the contractility of muscles / Important for blood stability / Maintains the body’s alkaline balance / Helps in normal tissue function / Aids in the digestion and metabolism of phosphorus


ZINC: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Acne, white spots on nails / Anemia, Anorexia / Birth defects / Bad body odors (“smelly tennis shoe” syndrome) / Brittle nails /Depression, irritability / Diarrhea / Enlarged prostate / Eczema / Fatigue, decreased alertness / “Frizzy” hair / hair loss / High infant mortality / Infertility, impotence / Impaired wound healing / Lethargy / Loss of sense of smell or taste / Mal – absorption / Memory loss / Poor growth (short stature) / Sexual immaturity (remain in pre-puberty state) / Weaken immune function


IRON: Importance

Combines with protein and copper in making hemoglobin.Hemoglobin transports oxygen in the blood from the lungs to the tissues which need oxygen to maintain basic life functions / Builds up the quality of blood and increases resistance to stress and disease / prevent fatigue and promotes good skin tone / Helps produce several respiratory enzymes / Aid in growth / Necessary for the formation of myoglobin which is found only in muscle tissue. Myoglobin supply oxygen to muscle cell for use in the chemical reaction that results in muscle contraction.


IRON: Possible Deficiency Symptoms

Anemia / Anorexia / Brittle nails / Confusion / Constipation / Depression / Dizziness / Fatigue /Fragile bones / GI upset / Growth Retardation / Headaches / Heart palpitations / Hemoglobin /Irritability / memory deficits / weakness / Sore tongue



An indigenous formulation of Essential Fused Fatty-Acids oils using Innovative Vacuum-Pressed technology offering Ideal Ratio of Omega-369 EFAs for Optimal Heath.


 Each 500 mg.Soft gelatin

Capsule contains:   Flax Seed Oil, Curcumin Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Walnut Oil, Almond oil, Watermelon Seed Oil & Cashew Oil.


One or Two SG Cap once daily or as directed by the Healthcare Professional

OmegaSat offers following benefits:

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces the risk of Lifestyle Diseases
  • Improves Cognitive skills in elderly patients
  • Keeps skin soft, smooth & hydrated
  • Boosts Harts/Liver & Brain Function
  • Helps prevents Cataract, Macular degeneration & Vision problems




Omega-369 EFAs is an indigenous formulation of Essential Fused Oils namely Flaxseed Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Black-Seed Oil, Almond & Walnut Oil using Innovative Vacuum-Pressed Technology offering an Ideal Ratio of Omega-369 EFAs for Optimal Health.

Omega-369 EFAs cannot be manufactured by the body hence must be consumed either as Food or Supplement.

American Heart Association recommends Omega-369 EFAs Supplements to all Adults (Above 40 years) for the prevention of Heart Diseases.

The Ideal Ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 is 1:5; but in today’s scenario one consume almost 15-20 times of Omega-6 than Omega-3 due to Processed Foods & higher intake of refined oils.

Eating Omega-369 EFAs in the wrong proportion may actually negate the health benefits.

Omega-369 EFAs present in each & every cells of the body are required to nourish the Cell-Membranes & essential for various metabolic functions.

Hence Omega-369 EFAs can be used in various conditions right from head to toe including Heart,

Brain, Skin, Joints & others (various benefits are listed in the Literature).

Omega-369 EFAs promotes Holistic Health & Boosts Immune System.



 We can conduct Clinical Trials for any condition as per our Requirement for any Lifestyle Diseases like Cholesterol levels or Heart Function.

OMEGASAT give a nourishment of fatty acid supplement with regulate to fatty acid metabolism there for this is the only first formulation in whole world.


Each 500 mg SG Cap (Per Serving)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Alpha-Linolenic Acid (Omega- 3) 132 mg
Linoleic (Omega -6) 100 mg
Oleic Acid (Omega-9) 130 mg
Palmitic Acid 44 mg
Stearic Acid 24 mg
Others 70 mg


High in MUFA- 26%

High in PUFA- 46%

No Trans-Fatty Acids


An Alkaline Secondary Protein Supplement derived from Natural Plant sources with a Potent Anti- Oxidant, Immuno buster activity and a strong Detoxifying property.


Each 500 mg. Tablet contains:  

Pea Sprout Extract

MomoridicaDiocia Extract

Curcumin Extract


Usage:One or Two Tablet once/twice daily or as directed by the

Healthcare Professional

Alproxy Tab offers following benefits:


  • Helps maintain a robust metabolic & gastrointestinal health.
  • Reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.
  • Regulates PH levels &detoxifies the body.
  • Increase muscular strength & lean body mass.
  • Keep skin, Eyes, hair & nails healthy.


An Innovative formulation of Secondary Metabolites from Callus Extract of Aloe Vera &Tulsi plant.


Each 1 ml. liquid contains:

Aloe Barbandensis Miller CallusExtract

Ocimum Sanctum Callus Extract


Packing: 30 ML Liquid (One Pack)

Usage:5 -10 dropsonce/twice daily or as directed by the Healthcare Professional

GroLyfe offers excellent results in the Prevention and treatment of following diseases:


  • Cancer.
  • Insulin dependent Diabetes.
  • Liver Cirrhosis.
  • Chronic Kidney diseases.

GroLyfe Liquid is an Innovative formulation of Secondary Metabolites from Callus Extract of Tulsi& Aloe-Vera Plant indigenously developed by us.

Secondary Metabolites are compounds produced in other metabolic pathways & although they may not be important for essential functioning of the plant but are responsible for defense purposes, regulate the metabolic activity within cells & oversee the overall development of the plant.

In human Life, these compounds are used as Medicines, Flavourings or Relaxing Drugs especially Essential Oils. Secondary Metabolites (around two lac compounds have been identified) are often classified in three major classes: Alkanoids, Terpenoids&Phenolics.

Some of the Prominent Examples are Alkaloids (Atropine, Morphine, Quinidine, Ephedrine, etc), Terpenes (Azadiriachtin, Artemisin), Flavonoids (Luteolin) &Tannins (Tannic Acid).

SG-Stem Liquid contains around 25-30 Secondary Metabolites which can be used in various Life-threatening conditions (AIDS, Cancer, RA & other Auto-Immune Diseases).

SG-Stem Liquid offers excellent results in Terminal illnesses & chronic disorders like AIDS, Cancer, RA, Diabetes or Dysfunctional Body Organs (Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, etc.)

As per some pre-clinical study based on animal model many therapeutic application is possible from Ocimum Sanctum Extract. Like

1).        Anti-Diabetic Properties

2).      Cardioprotective

3).      WoundHealingActivity

4).      Radio-ProtectiveEffect

5).      Highly Significant Recovery in Genotoxicity.

6).      AntioxidantProperties

7).      Hypolipidemic Activities.

8).      Anti-microbialProperties.

9).      inhibittheTranscriptionalExpressionofGenes.

10).    Gastro protectiveEffect.

11).    ImmunomodulatoryEffect.

12).    SupporttheCentralNervousSystem.

13).    Analgesic,Anthelmintic,Anti-inflammatoryActivity

14).   AnticancerActivity.



 Anti-Cancer In-vitro study attached herewith.

We can conduct more studies depending on our Target condition/Audience.

We are the first for launched this type of product. This time we have no any competitor in world.


Your Comrade in the management of Auto-immune diseases(AID)

An Immuno-modulatory formulation derived from Natural plant extract with a potent Anti-Oxidant & Anti-inflamatory action.


Each 400 mg. HPMC Veg cap contains:

Pomegranate Extract

Nagod Leaf Extract

Curcumin Root Extract

Curcumin Leaf Extract


Usage:One or Two Veg cap once/twice daily or as directed by

theHealthcare Professional

Comraid Veg cap offers following benefits:

  • Modulates the Immune system.
  • Provides comprehensive relief from Pain, Inflammation, Joint stiffness & Muscle soreness.
  • Promote Collagen production.
  • Heals Abrasive wound & ulcers in people on chronic corticosteroid use.
  • Protects from Oxidative damage caused due to Auto-immune diseases (AID).

SH&WK (Health and Wellness Kit)

Health and Wellness kit


OmegaSat 60SG Caps

 Alproxy 90Tabs

MinerjalDrops 60 ml

Usage:As directed by theHealthcare Professional

SH&WK offers following benefits:

  • Promotes Holistic Health.
  • Provides Refreshing Energy and Youthful look.
  • Ensures Freedom from Acidity and Constipation.
  • Offers Relief from Pain, Inflammation and Swelling in Arthritis.
  • Reduces the risk of Obesity, Diabetes and Hypertension.